Gilles Bisson MPP Timmins

Government of Ontario

Bisson calls on government to hold their promise and lower hydro rates

Published on February 24, 2020

TIMMINS – Bisson is calling on the government to take action to lower hydro bills for Ontarian families.

“Premier Doug Ford promised to reduce hydro bills by 18% in the 2018 provincial election, but we are seeing prices soar in the opposite direction,” said Bisson.

The government has increased time of use pricing, through the Ontario Energy Board. As of November 2019, cost for hydro has increased by over 50%. Off-peak and on-peak pricing has increased by 55% and mid-peak pricing has increased by 53%.

 “Ontarians are trying to lower their energy consumption, but the government has increased time of use rates,” said Bisson “we end up paying more for less.”

Bisson said his January 2020 hydro bill increased by nearly $200 compared to January 2019, while his energy consumption had reduced by almost 1,300 kWh.

Bisson is asking the public to compare their hydro bills from 2019 to 2020 and to send him the comparisons by email at [email protected]