Gilles Bisson MPP Timmins

Government of Ontario

Bisson presses government for better home care

Published on May 3, 2018

Queen’s Park - In today’s Question Period, Gilles Bisson, MPP for Timmins-James Bay, blamed the Liberal government’s fifteen years of budget freezes and healthcare cuts for not providing patients with the services they need, leaving a Hearst woman uneasy with the care she was being provided.

Bisson told the Minister that he was contacted by a constituent from Hearst who was worried about the home care she would receive post-surgery after a terrible experience after her first surgery.

“Claire Chabot had to have a second knee surgery in March. Since she went through a shameful experience with homecare after her first surgery, she decided to make sure the LHIN put in place the necessary services so she can feel safe when she returned home”

Bisson explained that the LHIN is being stretched to their limit and are now cutting services, providing patients with minimal home care.

“Not only did she not receive the services that she needed, she received minimal services, but she was told by the LHIN, and this is quote from the LHIN, ‘We have to cut services and I have a pile of files that need to be revised because they’re receiving too many services right now’”

“After 15 years of Liberal government, we’ve come to a point that when people call the LHIN, people are being told that they have too much services and it will need to be cut. This is not enhancing or reinforcing the system, it’s doing less with less.”

“Is it acceptable that people like Claire Chabot return home and do not receive the necessary services to ensure they are safe in their own home instead of keeping them at the hospital?”