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Government of Ontario

COVID-19 Bulletin

COVID-19 Bulletin: Week of August 10-14

 Here are the some key developments from the week:  The government refused to back down from its bargain basement back-to-school scheme, making a non-announcement Thursday that offered no comfort ... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: Week of July 27-31

Here are the some key developments from the week:  Ontario municipalities will be given up to $4 billion to share from the $19-billion fund the federal government and provinces pledged to help cas... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 27

Here are today’s new developments:   Ontario municipalities will share up to $4 billion from the $19-billion fund the federal government and provinces pledged last week to help municipalities, whic... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 23

Here are today’s new developments: Several unions are calling on the Ford government to get for-profit companies out of long-term care, in light of reports that homes run by for-profits have had wo... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 22

Here are today’s new developments: Ontario's COVID-19 case count today was 165 — still high, although a slight improvement over Tuesday’s count over 200. Just over half are people under age 40.  ... More

COVID-19: July 20

Here are today’s new developments:   Seven additional regions in Ontario will proceed to Stage three of the province's reopening this week, with Toronto, Peel and Windsor-Essex regions remaining in... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 17

Here are today’s new developments:   Many regions in Ontario entered Stage 3 of economic reopening today, meaning the majority of businesses will be allowed to reopen. Meanwhile, the Ontario Medica... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 16

Here are today’s new developments: The federal government has pledged $19 billion to the provinces and territories to target areas including COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, purchasing PPE, f... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 15

Here are today’s new developments:  The Ford government announced it will alter the funding formula for long-term care construction, a move Andrea Horwath said will potentially put more public dol... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 14

Here are today’s new developments:  Doug Ford is embarking an election-style tour of the province this summer, a move Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath called disappointing and shameful gi... More