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Government of Ontario

COVID-19 Bulletin

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 13

Here are today’s new developments:  Most of Ontario will move to Stage three of the province's economic reopening Friday, with businesses including bars, restaurants, movie theatres and gyms openin... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 10

Here are today’s new developments:  Ontario announced a new program to promote locally-made products today, as the economy reopens. Meanwhile, critics say the Ford government's ostensible COVID-19 ... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 9

Here are today’s new developments:    A number of public health and infectious disease experts have written an open letter to Justin Trudeau saying governments in Canada should shift to minimizing,... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 8

Here are today’s new developments:  The federal government is anticipating a whopping deficit this year, reaching $343 billion, as a result of COVID-19.  The government introduced an omnibus bill ... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 7

Here are today’s new developments:  The Ford government introduced legislation that would give it extraordinary powers to write emergency orders for up to two years, a move that Official Oppositio... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 6

Here are today’s new developments:  Ontario saw zero reported deaths from COVID-19 today, for the first time since March, with 138 new cases reported.  The Windsor-Essex region communities of Le... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 3

Here are today’s new developments:  The Ministry of Health reported a seventh death of a health-care worker associated with the long-term care system today.  CAF members leave long-term care homes:... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 2

Here are today’s new developments:    Ford was playing jurisdictional games today with the lives of people who depend on shelters.  Ford’s housing announcement today fell billions short of what m... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 24

Here are today’s new developments:  Toronto public health officials are asking for federal and provincial funding to establish a voluntary, centralized quarantine system for low-income people with... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 23

Here are today’s new developments:  The federal government extended the grace period during which certain employers can re-hire employees temporarily laid off due to COVID-19.   Today Ontario Ed... More