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Government of Ontario

COVID-19 Bulletin

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 8

Here are today’s new developments:  Starting tomorrow, Canada’s ban on non-essential international travel will make an exception for Canadians who wish to reunite with immediate family members who... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 5

Here are today’s new developments:  The federal government announced it will provide $14 billion to the provinces and territories to help them reopen their economies safely, an amount Doug Ford sa... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 4

Here are today’s new developments:  New data shows that Ontario and Quebec account for more than 90 per cent of Canada’s COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks, while the emergence of new cases is s... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 3

Here are today’s new developments:    Canada’s Minister of Transport announced new requirements for the use of face coverings among transportation workers on modes of transport including rail, roa... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 2

Here are today’s new developments:  Both Trudeau and Ford avoided direct criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump during their respective press conferences today, where questions arose about Trump... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: June 1

Here are today’s new developments:  Canada will give municipalities quicker funding to help with capital infrastructure projects, a development the federal Opposition says is necessary relief, but... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: May 27

Here are today’s new developments:  Canadian MPs are now taking part in sessions of the House of Commons both virtually and in-person, with regular Parliament replaced by meetings of a special com... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: May 26

Here are today’s new developments:  The Canadian military released a disturbing report detailing harrowing conditions in five Ontario long-term care homes where soldiers have been deployed to give... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: May 25

Here are today’s new developments:  Trudeau says his government will look at bringing in 10 days of paid sick leave for workers – a policy which federal Opposition Leader Jagmeet Singh had made co... More

COVID-19 Bulletin: May 22

Here are today’s new developments:  Canada is looking at adopting a single contact tracing app that the federal government hopes will be adopted across the country, a measure to slow the spread of... More