Gilles Bisson MPP Timmins

Government of Ontario

COVID-19 Bulletin: May 1

Published on May 1, 2020

Here are today’s new developments:

Here are some concerns the Official Opposition is working on, and solutions we’re pushing for:

  • As Ontario contemplates reopening the economy, the Official Opposition is calling on Premier Ford and his government’s Labour Minister to strengthen protections for workers who refuse to do unsafe work -- as reported by the Toronto Star, over 200 workers fearful of contracting COVID-19 at their workplace filed work refusals, yet the Ministry of Labour has not upheld a single one.  
  • The Official Opposition is reiterating its call for Premier Doug Ford to take urgent actions to protect Ontarians with disabilities and ensure they get through the pandemic safely, including a plan to conduct in-home testing for people with disabilities, and ensuring home care workers have proper PPE--so far, the Premier Ford's government has been silent on the issue.