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March 3, 2021

Bisson comes to agreement with LifeLabs to reduce wait times

TIMMINS – MPP Gilles Bisson (Timmins) has taken action to secure shorter wait times for Timmins LifeLabs patients. Details were provided by Bisson at Queen’s Park on Wednesday during Member’s State... More
January 8, 2021

Government's extended Northern COVID-19 lockdown was avoidable

QUEEN’S PARK — The North’s Official Opposition MPPs France Gélinas (Nickel Belt), John Vanthof (Timiskaming—Cochrane), Jamie West (Sudbury), Judith Monteith-Farrell (Thunder Bay—Atikokan), Sol Mama... More
December 10, 2020

Government's failure to take action on northern transportation means dangerous winter highways continue

QUEEN’S PARK – The government’s northern transportation re-announcement on Thursday failed to address northern transportation concerns, says the Official Opposition.  Jennifer French, MPP for Oshaw... More
November 25, 2020

Bisson fights for minimum wage for exempt residential building workers

QUEEN’S PARK – An Opposition bill to allow residential superintendents, janitors and caretakers to earn minimum wage has passed second reading at the Ontario Legislature. More
October 23, 2020

Official Opposition plan will provide better care for seniors in Northeastern Ontario

TIMMINS - KAPUSKASING — MPPs Guy Bourgouin (Mushkegowuk-James Bay) and Gilles Bisson (Timmins) said that the government’s days of shortchanging seniors care must come to an end. More
August 25, 2020

Committee to rubber-stamp Premier’s secret deals is a sham

QUEEN’S PARK — The Select Committee on Emergency Management Oversight met for the first time Monday and Official Opposition House Leader Gilles Bisson is demanding the committee’s rules be changed.   More
August 21, 2020

Premier tramples on treaty rights with rushed changes to legislation

QUEEN’S PARK – All eight Northern Official Opposition MPPs released a letter to Premier Doug Ford calling on him to respond to the concerns of First Nations who have contacted him after he failed t... More
July 22, 2020

FACT CHECK: Premier Doug Ford’s tales don’t match the reality

QUEEN’S PARK — Official Opposition House Leader Gilles Bisson released the following statement after watching Premier Doug Ford and Government House Leader Paul Calandra tell tales in their press c... More
July 22, 2020

Premier rams through laws that do nothing to help Ontarians when they need it most

QUEEN’S PARK – Official Opposition House Leader Gilles Bisson (Timmins) has issued the following statement:   “Premier Doug Ford has abruptly shut down the Ontario legislature for the summer after ... More
July 21, 2020

COVID-19 Bulletin: July 21

Here are today’s new developments: Ontario has seen an uptick of  new cases of COVID-19, with today's number rising just over 200 - the highest recorded since the end of June. The new outbreaks ha... More